Denver is a city that no matter how big it gets or how much it changes, it will still be a part of me. Growing up in Arvada, Colorado's capital city was only a short drive away. I can remember as soon as I turned sixteen and getting my license, it was one of the very first destinations that I took my dad's minivan to. The streets were organized chaos, the buildings were taller than life. The sense of belonging coursed through my veins every time I entered the city limits when I was a teenager and still does to this very day.

Matt Sparx

The architecture of the Mile High City's skyline is what first intrigued me to photography. Night photography has been my passion for the longest time and Denver was the catalyst. At a spot off of I-25 and Speer is where I would often go and stare at the skyline.  The photo above was one of my very first shots taken at night of Denver.

I can vividly remember waiting for that perfect moment of color when the sky darkens and the skyscrapers came to life. The city is beautiful to me. The days of wanting to live smack dab in the middle of it all have passed, but I still can't get enough of the skyline.

I came across this video tonight and was compelled to share it with you. The video shows the beauty of Denver but in a heartbreaking way. The state is on stay at home orders and the city and county of Denver was the first heavily populated county to enact such strict rules. The COVID-19 pandemic has left the Mile High City looking much like a deserted ghost town that was recently abandoned. We all can relate as we too in Northern Colorado are under the same orders.

The video was taken on April 1, 2020, by Youtuber, Troy Shieman. Troy if you happen upon this video, thank you for creating this. It pulled me in two directions... In awe that is the beauty of Denver, but also heartbroken when seeing what the virus has done to the city.

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Source: Youtube

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