You think driving a go-kart is all fun and games? Think again.

Check out this video of a person behind the wheel of a go-kart smashing into a wall of tires after she recklessly cruises past another driver, who captures the whole thing on helmet cam.

The driver with the camera is moving pretty swiftly when the other go-karter (if that's not a word, consider this our attempt to make it one) zooms by him on the right side before crashing into the tires.

As ugly as this was, it's fortunate only one driver was involved, since the woman who crashed very nearly could've hit the other motorist, too.

It's unclear if the driver who crashed was out of control, couldn't find the brakes or simply on the prowl for some sort of rush-inducing accident, but she looks pretty shaken afterward, proving that you need to be safe when behind the wheel, no matter what road you're on.

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