A semi-truck lost control yesterday, slamming into cars and causing a fire and fatalities.

I-70 near Lakewood was the scene of a horrific crash that left vehicles on fire, several injured and several more dead yesterday.

I-70 remained closed this morning as clean up crews removed the burned out cars and trucks. 12 people were injured in the crash.

The cars had been stopped for another accident further up I-70 when the truck, a flatbed carrying lumber, slammed into the non-moving vehicles, causing one to explode in fire. Overall 24 cars and four semi trucks were involved in the crash.

The driver of the semi, Rogel Lazaro Aguilera -Mederos, will be facing multiple counts of vehicular homicide, but police do not think alcohol or drugs was involved in the crash.

Authorities state they will not know the full extent of the crash until they can get the area cleaned up and inspect the cars that were burning.

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