Here are 12 things to not do to a person who is from Colorado. But, what about a Grand Junction or Western Slope list like this? Let's create our own list.

We will call it '10 Things NOT To Do To Someone From The Western Slope.'

This list is a good start and probably should be handed out at the border whenever anyone from out of state tries to enter. But, again Colorado seems to be a very divided state. Not by ideology, political views, race, creed or anything like that. That 4 hours and the altitude sure seem to put a big distance between us. Climate is probably a factor, they sure did get a ton of snow this past winter, while we had more than usual, it certainly wasn't the 20-30 inches at a time.

There are a couple on this list that certainly do work for this area, but there are mentions of Red Rocks, Coors Field and the city of Denver. Nothing wrong with these great places, but they are not in our backyard. We can keep the Craft beer, the weather changes and the Oakland Raiders examples, but we need some true Grand Junction area and Western Slope additions.

I'll start with one. Stocker Stadium. yes, it looks like it's pronounced 'Stock-er', but it is not. The correct way to say it is 'Stoke-r.'

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