This week is the premiere of Grand Junction Keyboardist Extraordinaire Phase II: The Wrath of Huey. Western Colorado musician Hugh Plumleigh is back on his feet, and back in action.

Huey Plumleigh, keyboardist and vocalist for bands such as Huey, Dewey, and Louie, the Burger Band, and Grand Junction's 3-Peace Band, was struck by a vehicle last December 21 while crossing a street in Grand Junction. A life-long resident of the valley (minus a couple of years), Huey had just left Hart Music at 4th and Main in Grand Junction.

Huey Dewey Louie
courtesy: Huey Plumleigh

L to R - Napoleon Dynamite (actually, I think it's Richard Smith), Huey Plumleigh, Ted Dussor

Huey suffered several broken ribs and a broken clavicle. Fortunately, he's a trooper and is recovering nicely. As he says in his Facebook profile, "I am a nice guy and very strong."

Huey make his triumphant return this Friday with a solo gig, with the possibility of a few guest performers, at Edgewater Brewery in Grand Junction. The show runs Friday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Does his name ring a bell? It should. He's been playing Western Colorado since the beginning of time. Okay, so he and guitarist Ted Dussor split town and worked out of Seattle back in the day. They were young and needed the money. Before long, they both came back to the valley, and have been here ever since.

Back in early February 2019, Huey's wife, Rhealene, announced he was well on the road to recovery. She shared the following via Facebook:

We are well into the new year. Hugh is doing well, and will be returning to work slowly but surely. He has become more active every day, and even drove himself to the doctor yesterday. He is on the mend, both physically and mentally (although he never lost his skills for very long...he was heavily drugged...)

Welcome back, Huey. It will be great to see you tickling the ivories once again. I would go to your show, but I have a gig of my own Friday night. Hopefully, though, Grand Junction will turn out in force to welcome you back. This could be the biggest thing since the '68 Elvis Comeback Special.

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