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Riverdale Road is home to lots of paranormality, like the Gates to Hell, ghosts of women, dogs, children and a jogger. This is the most haunted road in Colorado.

Riverdale Road between Thornton and Brighton, Colorado is an 11-mile road of terror. This place has almost every type of supernatural beings. Besides the Gates of Hell, there are demons, a Native American burial ground, black magic and witchcraft, ghosts of children, women, and dogs. Click the picture to see exactly where the most haunted road in Colorado is.

The Most Haunted Road in Colorado
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There's a lot of different paranormal activity at Riverdale Road. The experiences and name of this place totally creeped me out. The Gates of Hell was allegedly built by a man who lost it. He set his mansion on fire with his family asleep inside and disappeared. I wonder if the ghost lady is the wife who died in this fire. When she's seen in the area, she's always in a white dress and her attention never diverts from the path. I think she's looking for her children or husband. A chicken coop and buildings in the area around the Gates of Hell which are connected by a tunnel, according to a personal experience:

... there was lots of demonic looking graffiti and often times we found headless animals mostly birds laying on the concrete pylons in the center of the buildings. Always felt spooky there. In the tunnels, you would often hear footsteps behind you even when standing still.

There are also multiple experiences at Jogger's Hill. A jogger was allegedly killed by a hit and run. People have heard a heartbeat, something hitting their car and footsteps. Legend says, don't let him get to the driver's side window or you'll die.

There are lots of other paranormal sightings around this area. Have you had any experiences at Riverdale Road?  Do you think these are urban legends or legit paranormal activity?

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