There is no question about it, Grand Junction is a dog lovin' town.

We see it at dog-friendly events and we know it from the large number of dog owners in the community, and the way we support our local pet shelters. Grand Junction loves dogs.

You may have not been aware of the Grand Valley Kennel Club, but you are now - and you aren't going to want to miss this dog event in Grand Junction.

The Grand Valley Kennel Club Annual Dog Show is coming up September 26-29 at the Mesa County Fairgrounds. There is no admission charge, but there will be a $5 parking fee. Here's why you don't want to miss this event if you are a dog lover.

First of all, this a great chance for entire families to met and greet a variety of different dog breeds, learn about dog ownership, and talk to breeders, handlers, and owners. This is an AKC All-Breed Dog Show. But, the real attraction is the chance to see dogs in action.

Dock Diving Dogs
These must be the happiest dogs on the planet. These dogs love to dive - and we love watching them fly through the air and splash into the water.
Barn Hunt Trials
Some dogs just like to play and be lazy. But, some dogs like to work, and for these canines, they'll work with their handlers to locate "contained" hidden vermin.
Farm Dog Certification Tests
A series of 12 exercises that are typical for a farm dog will show which dogs are kind of the farm.

There will be other events happening as well including the AKC National Owner-Handled series, obedience and rally trials, Canine Good Citizen testing and certification, and beginning puppies competition.

You can get more information about the event from the Grand Valley Kennel Club website. Dogs truly must be man's best friend.


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