Yesterday, DC Comics gave fans their first full look at the costume lead actor Grant Gustin will be wearing in the new The Flash TV series on The CW. But the view was a little obstructed.

Today, leaked photos and an Instagram video from the set show the costume in action. We even get a chance to see Gustin running (at regular human speed, if not even slower). More importantly, we get to see him look like he's doing a kickflip sans skateboard... although Tumblr has already seen to making that Photoshop happen.






One would have to assume Gustin's running will be sped up in the final product. Also, it's interesting to note that the TV costume lacks the traditional yellow belt of the comics version. It kind of makes the whole thing look like nothing a big block of red, with the only yellow on the chest logo and the ears.

The costume also hangs a little loose on Gustin, probably to make maneuverability a little easier. Still: He looks like The Flash! And it looks like he's going to be out doing hero stuff in broad daylight, a pretty clear contrast to the often-dark atmosphere Arrow, the series from which The Flash is spinning off.

The Flash is set to premiere later this year with a pilot written by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and Geoff Johns, and directed by David Nutter.





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