We were more than a bit skeptical when 'Arrow' season 2 announced that it would introduce DC superhero Barry Allen into its story, culminating in a 2014 episode to serve as a backdoor pilot for a potential CW 'Flash' spinoff, and now it seems producers have blinked as well. Grant Gustin's 'Flash' will still receive a pilot for a potential series, but not in 'Arrow' season 2 as originally planned.

Via Deadline, reasoning behind the switch remains somewhat unclear, though Gustin's Barry Allen character will still appear in the eight and ninth episodes of the current 'Arrow' season, beginning with December 4 episode "The Scientist." 'Arrow' producers had originally intended to return the character in episode 20, finally transforming Barry Allen into his super-powered alter ego, costume and all, as has been hinted in 'Arrow' multiple times through the background thread of a S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator.

The CW executives reportedly praised Gustin's appearances in the eight and ninth 'Arrow' season 2 episodes, though it remains unclear if the 20th episode will still incorporate any mention or appearance of the character. 'Arrow' creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg will still produce the 'Flash' pilot, along with DC honcho Geoff Johns writing and David Nutter directing, in the hope that a standalone pilot "would allow the creators to better flesh out the superhero’s story and his world."

'Arrow' season 2 has steadily built toward a more super-powered world in the first six episodes of the season, though we have to imagine a fully costumed and super-powered 'Flash' to have been difficult to portray in 'Arrow''s more gritty tone. As it stands now, Gustin's Barry Allen will still arrive in Starling as a Central City police scientist assisting Oliver with a case similar to a tragedy from his past, unaware that Oliver is the comic book-loving Barry's vigilante idol, the Arrow.

Well, what say you? Are you disappointed Grant Gustin's 'Flash' won't appear on 'Arrow' season 2, even if The CW still produces a pilot? Why do you think producers opted for the change?

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