Hear that? That's the comic world releasing a huge collective sigh of relief now that the Flash's new costume has been revealed.

We've now gotten a first look at Grant Gustin's costume as he prepares to play the lead role in the upcoming TV show 'The Flash.' Next week, production will start on the first episode of the 'Arrow' spin-off focusing on the Justice League's fastest member. Last year, Gustin appeared in two episodes of 'Arrow' as Barry Allen, the secret identity of the Flash. Fun fact: If you take away the ears (and the eyes), he kinda looks like Daredevil, no?

The costume was designed by Colleen Atwood, a three-time Oscar winner who designed Stephen Amell's 'Arrow' costume. Gustin doesn't look anywhere near as ridiculous as John Wesley Shipp did in the atrocious 1990 series. For starters, those lightning bolts don't look as bulky, or as ridiculous, adhering tightly to the head instead of hanging out like an alien body part.

There seems to be some inspiration from Captain America's overhauled costume, which features two small wings coming off the cowl. They're painted on his costume for his recent movie appearances.

'The Flash' centers on a former police forensic investigator who becomes the fastest man alive after surviving a chemical explosion that involved a particle accelerator. Flash villains Professor Zoom and Vibe will be on the new show, which is expected to zip onto the screen sometime by the end of the year.

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