You've no doubt heard of the code of the west.which were basically a set of unwritten laws that helped shape the way of the west. So what would the Code of Grand Junction be?

First of all, all codes should contain the words "Do No Harm." So at least this list will not be harmful to humans or other living things. With that being said, the list.

On-Ramps Mean Go Faster


Self-explanatory, isn't it? Doesn't it drive you nuts when you get behind someone who is getting on the highway and they go 35 maybe 40 until they hit the highway? Why do they do this? There ought to be a sign alongside the on-ramp that says: "Go Fast! Now!"

That stick to the left of the wheel

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Amazing technology has been invented that allows you to alert other drivers that you are changing lanes, or turning one direction or another. It's called, wait for it, a turn signal. Also known as a turn-actuator lever or that one thing, it is used to, as stated previously, let others know what you plan on doing with that huge hunk of death metal. Here, the code has two words. Use it!

Roundabouts Have Codes, Too

Google Maps

Oh, it's true. We've discussed this before. Vehicles IN the roundabout have right of way over vehicles WAITING to get into the roundabout. What the code does not say is gun it and get into that small space before the car gets around the corner. Don't let this code violation get you in hot water.

Stay In Your lane When You Turn

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You know what I mean. Cars making a right turn on a red need to stay in the lane closest to the lane they turned from. Meaning stays close to the curb until you can swing out into the outside lane. But no. There are code breakers all over the place here. And if you're turning left going in the same direction, you have to wait because those not aware of the code are turning into the lane YOU are supposed to use. Be mindful of these code breakers. Turn the correct way!

Cross the street when it's safe

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Too many here assume just because their happy behind is in the street already that cars will stop for them, no matter where they are. This is not true. There are designated crossing areas that even have hazard lights to alert cars you are crossing. Use those. Use them not, and you, too, can end up a permanent part of the asphalt.

Just a few GJ Codes to help you though. Got any you want to share? Well, that's part of the code too, so get at it!

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