The City Council in Montrose voted and they will buy the bronze downtown sculptures. The sculptures were on loan with an agreement to buy over time. Apparently, the original agreement in 2012 was that the city had the sculptures on loan and the agreement is now expired so the city had to come up with the money to purchase the two sculptures.

The options that started in 2016 was to buy the sculptures: both pieces for $360,000 over 20 years or pay a reduced price of $250,000 by April 2019 . The bronze scuptures are valued at one million dollars.

The artist Vic Payne’s “Bad Decision,” is at the corner of Main Street and Townsend, and “Eagles,” is located at Uncompahgre Avenue and Main. Both of these beautiful bronze sculptures are here to stay. Next time you are in Montrose take a look at these stunning works of art made out of bronze. They are absolutely amazing.