If you are parents of teenagers, then you know that they tend to speak a different language than other humans. More than likely they eventually grow out of it, but what if they don't? This video makes us laugh. Take two 60-year-old men and dub in 16-year-old speak. Enjoy.

Guess there shouldn't be any judgement. Every generation has had their lingo. Remember these:

1970's - Far out, boogie, right on, groovy and catch you on the flip side were among the actual words used in that decade.

The 80's brought us the overused dude, grody, totally awesome, to the max and gag me with a spoon. The Valley Girl was born.

Next up the 90's introduced a little more Urban flow. Da bomb, aight, chillin', diss and fly were heard on the street, in schools, on TV and in hit songs.

It seems that most people grow up and out of those particular speech patterns, but not everyone. There are always those exceptions.

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