This may make me seem 'thirsty' to be 'fleek' with these words, but I'm 'savage.'

I have no idea what I just said either. The English language has come a long way in terms of slang. This thought occurred after I used the word 'shizzle' on the air last week and Riley called me out, on air, for using a word that hasn't been 'hip' for several years.

From daddio, groovy, cool, foxy, square, totally to OPP, G-thang to lol and hashtag, slang has definitely evolved through the decades.

So, to try and help you and me communicate with the younger generation, here are 20 of today's common slang words and their definitions. Although, there is one on the list that uses another slang term to define that one. So, I still don't know what 'lit' means.

In conclusion, this post may be 'lit' and that is 'fire'. At least I can't be 'chirped' about being 'bougie.' Just trying to 'slay' this word thing and not be 'sus.' Uh-oh, I think I 'odee.'

How has slang changed over the years? Do you still use 'outdated' terms? Do you know someone who does?









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