Taylor Swift makes another fan's dream come true. 

Grand Junction has come to love Taylor Swift. Forget about her highly publicized love life, her 'pop' country songs and for maybe not being the best singer in the world. It doesn't matter.

The superstar found out about 96-year-old Cyrus Porter in New Madrid, Missouri. Porter, a WWll veteran is a big fan. So, Taylor paid him a surprise visit on Monday (December 26). To say he was thrilled would be an understatement. Taylor took pictures and even performed her hit 'Shake It Off.'

There is a compete story at WCSC TV News. 


When Taylor came to Grand Junction to pay a surprise visit to Delaney, for me at least was a reason to stop trying to fault her. She came here with no fanfare, no cameras, just her and Delany.

Well, Taylor Swift has struck again.