Growing up, I spent a tremendous amount of time at Roper Music on the corner of 5th and Rood in Grand Junction. In addition, my family belonged to the Odd Fellows, so many an hour was spent in the lodge on the second floor. After the lodge moved out, I enjoyed a number of opportunities to play at the Roper Music Ballroom.

It just so happens I purchased my first musical instrument at Roper Music, somewhere around 1979. Forty years later, I still have it. Since then, several other instruments were purchased at Roper's.

Roper Music
Waylon Jordan

Well, the building sold a few years ago, and a major remodel commenced. My commute takes me right past the building every morning. During the lengthy refit, I couldn't help but wonder what was going on in there. It seemed to be taking forever.

Roper Music old building
Waylon Jordan

Well, I'm no longer buying instruments in this building, but rather selling houses. Last week I finally had the opportunity to step inside the building. The closing for my house took place at Abstract & Title Company of Mesa County on the second floor.  No wonder construction took so long. As it turns out, what I perceived to be a remodel was, in fact, a major re-imagining of the building. Hardly anything recognizable remains.

Since there aren't any businesses of a retail nature in the building, it's possible many residents of the valley will never find a reason to visit. So, on that note, it seemed wise to snap a few photos with my dumbphone.

This building has been completely redone. There's been so much work performed, one has to wonder if it wouldn't have been easier and less expensive to tear it down and start from scratch. It's kind of like the argument about the refit of the starship Enterprise in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (that movie came out 40 years ago this last weekend, hence the reference). There's so little of the original ship left, wouldn't it have been better to start over?

When it's all said and done, the remodeled building is fantastic. I can't help but think the employees of the various businesses are very happy to be working there. If you get a chance, swing by and take a look.

Have you taken a look at the newly remodeled building which used to house Roper Music and the I.O.O.F lodge? It's amazing.

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