Melissa and Angelie came by the radio station from Sweet Kiwi Baker to talk about their big move. Sweet Kiwi Bakery has moved out of Palisade and will be open on Tuesday, September 3. Their new shop will be at 2700 Highway 50, which is right by Randy's Southside Diner and The Maverick in Orchard Mesa.

Sweet Kiwi plans on expanding everything with a fuller and bigger menu, they tell us their new shop is going to be bigger and better. Although they're good at sharing, their new bakery will be all theirs in Orchard Mesa.

They're also going to artisan bread and lots of pies, cheesecakes, croissants, and even pop tarts. They've made pumpkin pie pop tarts and even dinosaur-shaped pop tarts too. We love how creative Sweet Kiwi is with their pastries. They've made Post Malone, Harry Potter, and succulent cookies and gorgeous floral cakes and lots of other cool pastries too.

Sweet Kiwi is also expanding their staff including new baristas, bakers and more. They're very excited to make the move and expect a lot more customers because of it. On opening day, on September 3, they'll have their signature Colorado sugar cookies, an expanded croissant menu with more flavors, and lots of coffee.

Their favorite pastries to make are pies and their favorite bread is sourdough. Their favorite coffee is anything sweet and creamy. Sweet Kiwi's new bakery will be at 2700 Highway 50 and their hours at their new location are:

  • Tuesday - Thursday - 7 am - 3
  • Friday - Saturday - 7 am - 4 pm

I'm still waiting for Sweet Kiwi to make a cookie with my face on it, or a cake shaped like a microphone -- either way I'm sure it'll be super delicious and super cute.


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