'For the wings,of course!'

Isn't that what ALL guys say about going to this restaurant? But, I found this article to be very interesting and informative. These are a few I did not know:

What does Steve Martin have to do with this?

According to The Daily Meal, the name was derived from a Saturday Night Live episode hosted by Steve Martin in 1980. At one point during his monologue, he stated that he believed it was derogatory to refer to breasts with terms such as 'boobs', 'jugs', 'Winnebagos' or 'golden bozos' and that from now on only to be declared as 'hooters.'

Who was the first 'Hooter's Girl?'

Lynn Austin, a bikini contest winner from Florida holds that distinction. And can you believe she was hired on a bet? Turns out that one of the restaurant founders was watching that bikini contest when he bet his friends he could hire her to work for him. Well, turns out Lynne didn't like her job as a phone operator and gladly accepted.

One of their items is a world best seller. 

Started in 1985, featuring Lynne Austin, the company issued its first Hooters Calendar. To this day, it is one of their most successful business ventures. Each year, spotlighting more than 200 'Hooter's girls', it not only keeps our appointments, it has also launched hundreds of modeling careers for some of the pin-ups.

Hooters on TV

Yes, there was a time where you could watch cheesy, late night cable movies hosted by Hooter's girls. 'Hooters Movie of the Week' lasted from 1987-1995 in 13 major markets before legal battles forced it off the air.

The Owl has a name.

'Hootie' (not as in Hootie and the Blowfish band), but the owl does have a name.

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