If you or someone you know is depressed and thinking about ending life please reach out for help. Rocky Mountain Crisis Team 844-493-TALK (8255). The state of Colorado ranks among the highest for suicides.

If someone is experiencing depression and you think they may have thoughts of suicide here are some of the sign they may exhibit.

  • They may make a suicidal threat
  • They may have a note or a plan and may have told someone about it
  • Tried Suicide before
  • Giving away their most prized positions
  • Constantly thinking about death
  •  change in behavior

Every minute someone is taking their life it is the third leading cause of death among youth. If you or a friend are down and thinking there is no way out and you feel like you cannot go on there is help for you. 303-627-3100 or 911

Medical Center of Aurora Behavioral Health: 303-360-3650

Aurora Mental Health: 303-617-2300

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