A total of 30 dogs who currently live in Thailand will come to Colorado to be adopted.

The Denver Post reports the group Underdogs Animal Rescue will bring the street dogs to Colorado where they will be placed with foster families until they can be adopted.

The dogs have been living at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand, which started rescuing street dogs five years ago. The elephant sanctuary is now home to more than 400 dogs that need a home.

I hope all of these dogs find good, loving homes and experience all the love that humans can give. But, I'm also reminded that we have pets right now in Grand Junction that need to be adopted.

Roice Hurst Humane Society and Mesa County Animal Services both have dogs and cats that need to be adopted and taken into a home.  Just remember, the next time you are ready to add a pet to the household, please consider adopting one of these unwanted animals.