A Grand Junction burger joint is hosting a fundraising drive for MDA, and a strange cast of characters have already shown up to donate. It's good to see Mr. Spock supports the MDA. Who's next?

You've seen these before - you donate $1 to MDA, and you get your name on a certificate which remains on display. This year's campaign just got underway at the Burger King across the street from the Mesa County Sheriff's Department.

I'm not sure, but I may have been the first person to donate to this year's campaign. They asked for a donation earlier this morning (Wednesday, August 9) when I stopped by for breakfast.

When you donate a dollar, you get to sign your name, or any name for that matter, on a "thank you" certificate. That certificate is then put on display in the store. Take a look at the gallery above for some of the wackos, I mean donors, who contributed last year. I signed mine "Mr. Spock."

In addition to getting your name on the certificate, you'll receive a coupon good for a free Whopper sandwich with the purchase of a Whopper.

Let's make this year's lineup as colorful as last year. The photos above are examples from 2016. For the record, the call to get strange names is my doing, not theirs. My agenda is in no way endorsed by the Home of the Whopper. I really enjoyed seeing the funny names. Obviously, you can sign your name, your family's, or even the name of your work place. Then again, you can sign it Luke Skywalker.

Spock has donated. Come on, Captain Kirk, we know you're out there. Big Foot, it's your turn at bat. Speaking of bats, perhaps Batman would care to donate. Santa Claus?

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