In 2010 Amir Massihzadeh won the 4.8 million dollar prize in the Colorado Lottery.

But in a case of you got what you signed for, he only received $568,990.

If he had the only winning ticket, why doesn't he get the whole prize?

Apparently, there were other claims that proved to be fraudulent. After 10 years of investigation, it was determined the other "winners" were actually fraudulent tickets made up with the same number, which was found to be rigging lotteries across state lines.

You would think after finding this out, Colorado would then award the man the full prize, but there was a catch. Massihzadeh signed for the money not knowing apparently that the statute says "Any prize" which he received.

The appeals court denied the payment of any other money from the lottery winnings because he had already been paid.

Massihzadeh and his attorney feel the state still owes them the rest of the prize, but have been denied by the court.

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