One of the stars of the original Star Trek series will be in Moab next week for an amazing world-premiere musical event. Here are my top five reasons why you should be there.

In addition to serving as part an incredible concert series, this particular presentation will be a world premiere.

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World Premiere Performance

Star Trek actor George Takei, the man behind the helm of the U.S.S. Enterprise as Mr. Sulu, will be coming to Red Cliffs Lodge in Moab on Saturday, September 4, 2021. Takei will narrate "Lost Freedom: Japanese American Confinement in the U.S."

This performance will serve as the centerpiece for the Moab Music Festival. The presentation is a commission by Composer-in-Residence and violist Kenji Bunch.

George Takei's Story

If you've followed the career of George Takei, you're probably already familiar with the story of his childhood. Takei, via his lectures and his autobiography, has shared memories of his life growing up in Japanese American Confinement camps during World War II.

This performance "revisits his past growing up in Japanese American Confinement camps during WWII as he honors three living Japanese American composers." Takei's narration includes a "...glimpse of Moab’s Citizen Isolation Center at nearby Dalton Wells."

Concert Information

This new composition by Kenji Bunch honors those who found themselves confined to such camps. The concert/narration also includes several works by percussionist/composer Andy Akiho, joined by Moab Music Festival musicians. This special concert also features compositions by Paul Chihara, a Confinement camp survivor.

Just to Be Sure

I called the Moab Music Festival's main office to confirm that George Takei would in fact be there, in person, to narrate the concert. This is, in fact, the case.

Waylon's Top 5 Reasons to Attend This Concert

As you probably know, I'm a music buff. That's all I do - play music with bands and orchestras, arrange music, and broadcast music on the radio. When a concert such as this rolls around, I'm there. To top it off, I'm a huge Star Trek fan.

George Takei has led a magnificent life. Read his autobiography, and you'll instantly realize this gentleman has enjoyed a long and distinguished career with countless accomplishments beyond his role on Star Trek.

Regrettably, I've not had the pleasure of catching a performance of his theatre production. Now, as luck would have it, he's coming close to Grand Junction, bringing his story to audiences at the amazing Moab Music Festival.

These are my top five reasons why you should attend:

Waylon's Top 5 Reasons Why You Should See George Takei at the Moab Music Festival

George Takei will be coming to Moab on September 4, 2021, for a world premiere performance. These are my top five reasons why you should be there.

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