You see it all the time in Grand Junction, signs reading "Fines Doubled For Speeding." These signs abound anywhere construction work is present. Do Grand Junction Police officers really dish out double fines if they bust you speeding in a construction zone?

Just the other day, a handful of motorists were pulled over in the construction zone on Orchard Mesa. Nearby, you could hear the "Fines Doubled" signs laughing and saying "I told you so."

I've always been curious if the police actually issue double fines, or if this was simply a way to amplify the sincerity of the warning.

I contacted the Grand Junction Police Department the other day via Facebook Messenger, and their response to this question was simple, concise, and downright blunt.

Waylon Jordan via Facebook

...and their reply:

Grand Junction Police Department via Facebook

Well, so much for that. Mystery solved.

Take it easy in construction and school zones in Grand Junction, or for that matter, anywhere. It is now quite clear you will, in fact, incur a nasty double-fine should you get popped.