The top scam in the United States right now involves your social security number, and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations wants you to know about it.

The caller makes it sound like they are from the Social Security Administration or law enforcement and they tell the person their Social Security number has been used in a crime or has been used another way.

Many times the "crimes" will be something like child pornography or drugs, or may even involve your vehicle or home.

The caller will go on to tell you that unless they "solve" the issue by sending money or a gift card, their Social Security number will be canceled and that they may be arrested.

The CBI has a list of warnings:

A list of warnings sent out by CBI helps navigate potential victims through the scam: “If you receive one of these calls–HANG UP! If a voicemail message is left for you–DO NOT call or text them back, and delete the messages. And beware of Texts! The scammers will send a text to get your attention too! If they leave you a call back number or you have caller ID, write down that number. Then report the scam.”

Colorado's Inspector General has a tip line for scams. If you feel you may have been contacted concerning this scam, call -800-269-0271 or CBI's 24 hour hotline at -800-269-0271.

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