Understand we have no reports of this happening locally, but social media is warning of a deadly trend at dog parks around the nation! Read this before you take your best friend to the dog park!

Apparently Regional Express, a website out of Croatia, posted a photo of what looks like tacks inside bite sized treats, with a warning that this is the latest trend at Dog Parks.

The photo has gained over 16 thousand shares and more than 200 likes.

But for a moment, let's all pause in our social frenzy of sharing and ask is their something fishy about this post?

  1. Maybe it's just me, but I couldn't find a story on their website to support the claim
  2. Not only that, the tacks are in what looks like fruit not meaty doggy goodness

I am not denying something like this would kill your pet, just the method of delivery and the graphic warning that was included.

What do you think? Post you comments below and we might use them on air!

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