Country duo Smithfield stripped down their newest single "Our World" for this live sessions video from the ToC studio. Watch as Jennifer Fielder and Trey Smith play off one another with the natural ease of a duo that's been around for 18 years, not eight.

"Our World" can be found on Smithfield's new We Make Our Own EP, released earlier this month. It's a song they both connected to on a personal level because, "our background of knowing each other since we were kids in Waxahachie, Texas. You literally think that’s your whole world you know,” Fielder says. “I feel like a lot of people grow up like that, with your high school boyfriend or girlfriend. You think you’re the only two people in the world at that point."

While "Hey Whiskey" featured more of her lead vocals, "Our World" is a fairly even split. It's the duo's harmonies that really separate them from a pack of country duos, however. For Smithfield it's just easy. There's a comfort among the two friends that's rarely found on a stage.

The new EP also finds them comfortable with the music they're making. Talking to Taste of Country about the ups and downs that come with starting fresh in Nashville, Smith and Fielder reflected on where they are today compared to several years and almost record deals ago.

“As a younger artist, you feel the pressure to stay in your lane of country music. It has to fit this certain mold," Fielder says. I think as you continue to create and as you continue to make music you figure out that I need to do what comes naturally to me.”

Still, the duo listened to country programmers in choosing "Our World" as their next single. After a radio tour in 2018 that included more than 100 stations in eight months, they felt the choice was obvious.

“Unanimously the PD would be like, ‘That’s your next single,'" Smith says.

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