It appears the giant box stores do not have a monopoly on curbside pickup. Even the small mom and pop stores in Grand Junction have jumped on the bandwagon.

Last night I stopped by a small, locally-owned liquor store in Orchard Mesa. I was there to pick up a few adult beverages, you know, for a friend. I didn't want anything, I just needed to get a few things for.... a friend. Upon pulling up to the store, something new was to be found in the parking lot.

Jack Rabbit Liquor at 2681 Unaweep Avenue in Grand Junction has this new curbside feature. You'll see the phone number is listed on the sign. There are a number of ways you can utilize this service.

  • You can call the number when you arrive and place your order
  • You can place your order using the Drizly app
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Waylon Jordan

What precisely is a Drizly app? It's a way to shop online using a service locating inventory at a particular store. While it is handy, by the time you add the delivery charge of $4.99 and the required driver tip, it can be a bit pricey. The app is not limited to any one store. It refines the search to those stores nearest you.

The curbside delivery option is nothing new. Precisely one year ago, back when no one had heard of coronavirus, I did a remote from the Walmart in Montrose. They had just unveiled their new curbside pickup service. Long before that, the Grand Junction area City Markets revamped their parking lots to include this same feature.

Is this a sign of things to come? Along comes 2020, and suddenly this concept begins to appear everywhere. Giant box stores are one thing. Small, independently owned liquor stores is another. Most retailers agree the future of shopping is forever changed due to the COVID-19 crisis. According to CNBC, retailers need to be more creative as consumers become increasingly comfortable shopping online. New ways are needed to showcase inventory.

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I know a handful of people in the valley who've fully embraced the curbside pickup option. Personally, I've never tried it, not even at the big stores. I don't see myself using this at the local liquor store when I swing by to pick up a few items, you know, for a friend.

Looking at the signs posted at Jack Rabbit Liquor, one can't help but think there is a certain permanence associated with them. This doesn't look like a band-aid to be used until the rough waters subside. Between an all-new loyalty to "local" products and services, it seems curbside service may be a long-lasting spinoff of the crisis.

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