We always see these types of lists or 'signs you are from' posts. But, for the most part they are a little too generic for me. Especially when it comes to Colorado reasons. Let's face it, the Western Slope is vastly different from our Rocky Mountain neighbors.

Looking through these Colorado signs, I only found two (maybe three) that really resonate with most of the girls I know here on the Western Slope:

You’re not embarrassed when you can drink everyone under the table at sea level.

No, it might not be “lady-like,” but when you drink at altitude regularly, that means when you visit your friends at sea level, you’ll need a few before you even get a buzz. We’re not cheap dates, get over it.

We know how to squat in the woods (even if there’s no toilet paper).

All those childhood camping trips served us well—we learned early on how to squat and pee without soaking our shoes, even if there wasn’t any TP on hand (pretty sure the squat-n-shake is one of the best glute workouts there is). We’re not bashful about digging holes either, because in the real world, everyone poops (and if you’re in the backcountry of CO, you’ll talk about it in-depth, too).

But, we need some more to create our own 'You Know You Are A Grand Junction Girl' list of identifiers.