Dating someone with a boyfriend
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Today's question of the day is from another listener needing advice from you!

I got this message last night on Facebook from one of our listeners.

He says, "Hey Mack! I have a dilemma, I just invited out this girl to an amazing concert and was very excited when she said yes. I even planned an amazing evening for our first date. Here's the catch, I found out later from one of her friends that she's been in a relationship for years! Now I like this gal but  I don’t want to waste $125 tickets on someone that's just planning on being friends. So do I tell her I meant to ask her out on a date and let her explain, or should I cancel and find someone else to go with?"

Signed,                                                                                                                                                                                     Joe

What do you think? Should he kick this gal to the curb for misrepresentation or should he keep her around to see if it leads her out of her long term relationship? Take our poll and leave your comments below then listen at 8:50 for your feedback on air!

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