Album covers are works of art that add even more artistic flair to music. So how blown would your minds be if you saw all of your favorite album covers made out of LEGO pieces?

Here is a set of just a few album covers that have been given the LEGO treatment. They were digitally created by Harry Heaton and posted to Tumblr. Heaton has taken requests, so it's no wonder that the selection of album covers seems so eclectic. You've got everything from Blink-182 to Weezer to Drake. It's probably possible to build these covers usually actually LEGOs, but we'll be satisfied with these digital representations in the meantime.

Our personal favorite from the set pictured below is the LEGO-fied 'Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness.' There's just something about it that calls to mind an 8-bit, chiptune version of the album. In fact, you can listen to such a thing through this link here.

Roll through the pics and check the Tumblr link above to see even more album covers constructed out of LEGO bricks.