Do you remember last year when a couple of out-of-towners were using Grand Junction homeless to cash forged checks? It appears the culprits are back in town.

The Grand Junction Police Department is seeking information that could lead to the identification of suspects in a forged check-cashing operation.

Here's the scoop from the Mesa County Sheriff's Department:

Several incidents were reported in 2018 involving two adult black males who were approaching homeless individuals and asking them if they were interested in work. The suspects would ask if the homeless individual had a picture ID, and then would offer to pay them in exchange for cashing checks at local financial institutions. The checks were forged from local businesses. The males are described as driving vehicles with out of state license plates.

Earlier today (June 5, 2019) the Mesa County Sheriff's Department posted they believe these individuals may be back in Grand Junction. It also appears they are up to their old tricks.

There are a handful of factors to consider in this case. First, local businesses lost tens of thousands of dollars due to the forged checks. Second, those who participate in the scam by cashing these checks could face criminal charges.

Looking back on my life, I can remember one occasion where a stranger approached me and asked me to cash a check for them. It seems I have the appearance of a homeless person. That was years ago. In any event, keep an eye out for similar activity around town.

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