Rumors are circulating the Sandy Hook tragedy was all a hoax. Well help you decide for yourself . . .

I get calls from friends and family now and then asking my opinion about something in the mass media or something they've seen online. These topics range from ghosts to most recently what I thought of the Sandy Hook Hoax rumors.

I told them that yes I had heard the rumors, seen the footage, and that I believe that if we are going to question the validity of an event like this we might as well start acting out the movie "The Matrix" because if something large scale can be pulled off how can we believe anything?!

I did my own investigating and found a few websites with more information:

Keep in mind how many people you would have to have involved for something of this magnitude to work. In my experience if more than one person is involved with a secret, someone's bound to let the cat out of the bag I just don't think unless we we're all mass brainwashed that something like this is possible.

One of the people I spoke with said, "Why are you so sure it happened, it's not like you were there?"

To this I respond, how do you know the Eiffel Tower exists, how do you know the mass shootings took place in Aurora, how do you know there are such things as Pyramids, have you seen any of those things anywhere other than a museum or in print?! I haven't either but I am a glass half full type of person. How bout you?

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