A movie that was filmed in Colorado starring Robert Redford and Jane Fonda hits Netflix in September.

The movie, titled "Our Souls At Night" tells the tale of two widowers (played by Redford and Fonda) who begin a relationship that starts a gossip and rumor mill in their small town.

The film is based on the book written by Colorado native Kent Haruf. Here is what Netflix has for the movie summary:

“Addie Moore (Jane Fonda) pays an unexpected visit to a neighbor, Louis Waters (Robert Redford). Her husband died years ago, as did his wife, and in such a small town they’d been neighbors for decades, but had little contact. Their children live far away and they are all alone in their big houses. She seeks to establish a connection, and make the most of the rest of the time they have,”

The town of Florence is the main backdrop for the movie. It is located 10 miles southeast of Canon City and has about 4,000 residents. Other locations that were used were in Lake George, Colorado Springs, and Denver.

When is someone going to shoot a movie here in Grand Junction?

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