We asked the question "Is the Redlands roundabout a good idea for Grand Junction?" and the results are in.

About three weeks ago we asked listeners to weigh in on the soon-coming roundabout at Redlands Parkway and Broadway. The results were somewhat surprising.

I have had heard so many complaints about the new roundabouts on Horizon Drive that I figured the community would be overwhelmingly opposed to the new roundabout on Redlands Parkway, but that wasn't the case.

In our unscientific poll, 49% of respondents said the new roundabout was a bad idea. Another 39% said yes, it is a good idea, while about 12% weren't really sure.

There were comments in favor of and opposed to the roundabout.

  • "There is a lot of traffic in the Redlands....already have problems"
  • "Roundabouts eliminate head-on and T-bone wrecks thereby lowering the severity"
  • "There is not enough room to build a decent sized roundabout"

It looks like the roundabout on Redlands Parkway is going in regardless of how anyone feels about it. Only time will tell if it turns out to be a good idea.

If you haven't taken the poll, it's down below and feel free to comment along with your vote.

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