Here's an update on our recent pie poll - Grand Junction's top 5 holiday pies.

Recently, I was musing about holiday pies.(not that I muse that often) There are some pies that seem to dominate the holidays - like pumpkin. I do love pumpkin pie, but I can't help but wonder why Thanksgiving to Christmas is pretty much the only time we eat it.

But, it got me to wondering about what Grand Junction's top five holiday pies would be and so I put the question to our listeners. The voting is not closed yet, but here's how the standings look so far.

#1 (Tie) 
#3 (Tie)
#5 (Tie)
Coconut Cream

Close behind our 5th place pies are Lemon, Chocolate, Cherry, and Key Lime. And I was wondering if cheesecake could be considered pie, and apparently, it is, so YAY!

It's still too close to call, and there's still time for you to vote. Take the poll below and help us determine Grand Junction's  top five holiday pies.

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