You voted for the best sushi spot in Grand Junction in our sushi roll poll and now we've got the top 3. These are the top 3 sushi restaurants in Grand Junction.

When it comes to you, sushi, we're soy into you. We asked for your help to find the best sushi restaurant in Grand Junction. You voted in our sushi roll poll and now we've got our wasabaes -- the best sushi restaurants around.

I had my sights set on getting the best sushi ever, and thanks to you, I'm going to make it happen. I'll be making a trip to the number one sushi restaurant in Grand Junction this week. Here are the top three sushi restaurants in Grand Junction:

  • 3

    Kuniko's Teriyaki Grill

    2695 Patterson Road #11

    Kuniko's is at 2695 Patterson Road, #11. They recently remodeled and expanded their menu and are #3 on Grand Junction's best sushi restaurants list.

  • 2

    No Coast

    1119 N 1st Street A

    Grand Junction's second-best sushi restaurant is No Coast Sushi off of 1st. They've been in Grand Junction for the past 12 years and other than sushi, they have deserts soups and veggie noodles.

  • 1

    Suehiro Japanese Restaurant

    541 Main Street

    Suehiro is Grand Junction's number one sushi restaurant, according to you. I like the vibe and location of this restaurant and this is where I'll be enjoying something spicy and fried and also some sake.

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