Recently we had a story about the new law being considered called the "Red Flag Law."

This bill is raising red flags with plenty of law enforcement professionals across the state.

To get down to brass tacks, the law, in their eyes, makes no sense.

The idea behind the law is for law enforcement or family members or both to petition for firearms to be taken away from someone who is a potential risk to him or herself or others. And while on the surface the law seems to make sense, it opens itself to misuse and does not address the more serious problem, which is the state of mind of the individual.

Many law enforcement professionals who have been outspoken in their opposition to the bill state the removal of firearms isn't the problem. And the second amendment implications are enough for many to want to scrap the bill altogether.

Mesa County Sheriff Matt Lewis states he believes this bill would actually put more pressure on law enforcement. Removal of firearms is not a deterrent to someone who has decided to hurt him/herself or others, it just means they will have to use something else.

The law as written opens the door for abuse of the law as well as not addressing the greater need, which is counseling, getting the person the help they need instead of simply taking away their guns.

Proponents of the bill state it will help avoid future tragedies like the shooting in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater.

Any infringement on the Second Amendment should be carefully considered and reconsidered before being passed.

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