Turns out, overall we are pretty laid back compared to the rest of the country.

The crew at Wallethub.com have just released their results for the most and least stressful states in America. Colorado comes in at #43. Now, that may sound like a low number, but in this case, you want to be ranked low. That means that out of 50 states, only 7 are LESS stressed then us. That's a good thing.

Wallethub's researchers used the following criteria to determine each states' stress-level. 33 different elements made up these categories:

  • Work-relates Stress
  • Money-related Stress
  • Family-relates Stress
  • Health and Safety Stress

Even though we have a pretty high tax rate, crime is higher than we would like and that we rank #50 in 'Number Of Hours Of Sleep', when you look at such things like the weather and MAYBE a particular law, that's good cause for us to be 'chill-laxin.' In addition we rank at #47 in 'Work-Related Stress.'

For the complete results of this study, click on to Wallethub's website.


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