All this time we have been clamoring for more time with our families to relieve stress, and as it turns out, apparently what we need is more time at work.

There's a new study at Penn State University  that seems to indicate that people are more stressed at home than they are at work, going as far as to say that going to work is like stress-relief compared to being in the comfort of your own home with your family.

It seems to be especially true for women who find that getting out of the house, even it is to "work,' relieves stress.

So why do you think we are less stressed at work? Is is because we don't feel the financial stress of making ends meet each month because we aren't staring at a pile of bills? Is because we aren't burdened down with thoughts of all of the little home repairs that need to be done, or yard work that is waiting just outside the door? Maybe it's because our work relationships are less complex, less intimate, and less demanding than relationships with the family.

For women, certainly the escape from the dishes, the never-ending laundry, and squabbling kids has to be great stress relief, even if she is punching a time clock. That is understandable. But, generally speaking, if you find greater stress at home than at work, you either have a total dream job or you've got some work to do on the home front. Work doesn't HAVE to be stressful, and being at home with your family shouldn't be.