What weird thing do you do when you are home alone?

I cautiously asked the question recently on our Facebook page, not sure exactly what kind of responses I would get. After all, it's essentially impossible to comment anonymously on Facebook, and folks might feel embarrassed by their admission.

I tried to get the ball rolling by admitting I have full-blown conversations with my dog when I'm home alone. Of course, those conversations are pretty one-sided and occasionally I have to nudge Frisco to keep her awake.

Maybe talking to the dog isn't all that strange. I guess I could have admitted to taking full-blown golf swings regularly in my living room. It's just practice swings, and no ball is involved. So far, I've only damaged the hanging light fixture one time when my follow-thru went a little high.

So what weird things are other people in Grand Junction doing when they are home alone? Here's the short list of what people were willing to admit.

* Cleaning house in the nude
* Dancing like nobody is watching
* Air guitar
* Sing
* Turn up the music VERY loud

I have to believe there are stranger things going on behind closed doors, but people don't want to admit it. I understand that and I don't blame them. My thanks, though, to those who were bold enough to respond. If you want to find out who is cleaning their house in the nude, or if you want to join the discussion just head over to our Facebook page.

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