Recently, parts of Colorado have been bombarded by bad weather, and consequently, mother nature has made it difficult for many.

Recent Flash Flooding in Colorado

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This is the time of year in Colorado in which motorists and really all residents need to be mindful of flash flooding. You may have heard of the numerous instances of flash flooding that have impacted Coloradans in the past week or so.

One area that was hit particularly hard by flash flooding was Colorado Springs. Because of burn scars left behind by wildfires, the Colorado Springs area in particular was prone to adverse conditions due to a massive storm.

The flooding impacted motorists greatly, leaving some of them stranded after their vehicles tried, and failed to get through the flooding. Below you can see photos of some of these motorists that attempted to drive their vehicles through deep and high waters but it proved to be too much for their cars. One motorist even needed to be rescued by emergency crews while another was helped out by good Samaritans who offered to push the stalled vehicle down the road.

In addition, the flooding was so bad in certain areas that the street resembled a roaring river, and some of the excess water even made it over the sidewalk onto the nearby grass.

It wasn't just Colorado Springs that got hit as similar flash flooding in Larimer County left piles of debris on the side of the roadway.

Other Recent Extreme Weather in Colorado

Other instances of severe weather in Colorado took place at the same time in the form of hailstorms in Evergreen, Colorado, a tornado that touched down in Kit Carson County, Colorado, in addition to numerous cases of flash flooding.

Take a look at photos of some of the recent extreme Colorado weather:

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