Do you have an old guitar hanging around the house? If so, Mesa County middle school students could really use it.

A post went out on Western Slope Musical Gear Flea Market Facebook page today from a Grand Junction area middle school music teacher. The post reads:

I teach middle school music here in GJ. Every year my students have had a guitar class but shared guitars. This year we are not allowed to share. Does anyone have an old guitar hanging around that never gets used? I can pick it up, dust it off and fix it. Thanks.

While it's certainly none of my business, I can't help but think two out of five American homes have an old acoustic guitar tucked away in the closet, in storage space, or under a bed. Here's a chance to breathe life into those instruments again while supporting area students.

Looking at my situation, after my mom died, I found at least five guitars in her house. She was an amateur guitarist with a variety of inexpensive acoustic and electric guitars. The majority of those guitars were donated to a Grand Junction church for their music program. One remains, and it will most definitely be going to these middle school students.

In the comment section of the post, people asked if the school wanted acoustic or electric guitars. The teacher replied, "Anything. Preferable acoustic."

The comment section includes posts from residents volunteering to fix up and do any repairs needed on these donated instruments. Check out the Western Colorado generosity in action.

Speaking as a firm believer in school music programs, this sounds like a very worthy cause. As it stands, students are going to have more than enough challenges this Fall semester. A shortage of musical instruments would only serve to complicate matters.

Last year I donated my old violin to school music programs. It means a lot to me knowing the violin is making music again, brightening a young person's life, rather than collecting dust my hall closet. Right here, right now, though, what's needed are guitars, preferably acoustics. Please take a moment to look around the house. There may be an old, forgotten guitar lurking somewhere.

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