Get free giant pumpkin seeds for your chance to win a $1,000 grand prize for the Western Slopes heaviest pumpkin, but be aware some contestants have secret ingredients.

There's a lot of smack talking going on in the Grand Valley between pumpkin growers competing to win bragging rights and $1,000 for the Western Slopes heaviest pumpkin.

Okay so I'll admit most of the smack talking is going on between me and Fred, the guy that organizes the dynamite shoot. I'm a little worried, he says he has a secret weapon in this bag, what do you think it is?

I'm not worried I sprouted mine earlier than he did and they're way bigger!
3 days of growth
Mack Dodge

This was after three days of growth.

weeks growth
Mack Dodge

This is a weeks worth of growth.

Plus, I have a secret ingredient too from a local supplier!

Here's a video with some tips and tricks:

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