What will you make with your leftover pumpkin? So, Halloween will come and go and what will you do with your leftover Pumpkins? Most people with just throw them away. But you can also use your pumpkin in your compost pile. You could even make a planter out of the shell of the pumpkin and then plant it right in the dirt.

Of course, you will want to eat your pumpkin right? I have never used leftover pumpkin to make a pie this will be my first time. But there are other ways you can use your pumpkin, like how about a pumpkin latte? Have you ever had pumpkin soup? That sounds really good. I have had Pumpkin Curry at a Thai Restaurant and it was the best.
You can make bread, muffins, cakes, cookies just about everything goes well with pumpkin.

1  Make Pumpkin Puree
2  Make Pumpkin Lasagna
3  Make Vegetable Stock
4  Turn a Pumpkin into a Planter
5  How about a Pumpkin Face Mask

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