There are generators for everything nowadays. Why not a proposal generator?

After finding the perfect ring, and everything building up to a proposal, some guys are left exhausted and short on creativity. That is where the Vashi Proposal Generator will come in and basically do all of the work for the guy.

How it works:
After heading over to the site, users will be prompted to answer a four-question quiz based on the personalities of the people in the couple and even the budget that the user is working with. Once the information is entered, the site will generate proposal suggestions. There’s also the “surprise me” option that will produce random ideas for a possible proposal.


Nate and I bonded over our love for football, traveling, and food. Our two NFL teams happened to play each other this year so we got tickets right away! He combined all our favorite things into one to make it a perfect proposal (trip to Pittsburgh, NFL game, and fancy dinner afterwards overlooking the city,) But maybe not all couples have this scenario pop up where it is too perfect to pass up, so maybe this will help!

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