Last photo on your phone. Be honest.

We will share if you will.

Going to start a new segment today that we think is going to a lot of fun. It's called 'Photo Friday.' Here's how it works. Every Friday we will ask you to share some particular type of picture that you have taken or is on your phone.

Don't worry, Keyes and Riley will be sharing as well, no matter type of shame and ridicule that will follow.

For this first Photo Friday, let's share the very LAST photo you took that is on your phone.  Please use some discretion.

Let's have some fun!


Bedroom pic. I am not thrilled with the set up and trying to figure out new arrangement. Took a few pics and sent them to a friend of mine back in WI. May have lost a couple of Man points on this!


If that specific photo is not appropriate, then please scroll go to the next one.

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