A prehistoric crocodile has been discovered in Colorado. The bones of the 60 million-year-old were found near Walden.

Paleo Solutions was sent in to excavate the crocodile at ranchlands near Walden. The discovery was made during oil and gas surveys.

Not only did Paleo Solutions find the bones of the crocodile they also found bones of other aquatic animals too, according to 9News. The other animals found include fish and even a prehistoric turtle.

This really makes you picture that Colorado didn't always look how it does now. Back in the day, as in 50-60 million years ago, Colorado was a tropical place. IT had an inland sea and vegetation and resembled Florida, according to 9News.

Apparently, these crocodiles were around not too long after the dinosaurs went extinct. whenever I see any kind of crocodiles or alligators it always reminds me of dinosaurs.

The crocodile, fish, and turtle are all incredible discoveries and I look forward to seeing what else there is to learn from these prehistorical animals.

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