The fossils of a triceratops found in August in Thornton have turned out to not be a triceratops after all. The fossils belong to an even rare more dinosaur than the triceratops.

The fossils were found in a parking lot by a construction crew in Thornton in August and were thought to be the remains of a triceratops. The triceratops is a deceiving creature, as it closely resembles its cousin, the torosaurus.

Scientists at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science were able to make this discovery based on the bone structure. The Torosaurus has a more delicate frill and two very large holes, according to KUSA.

The frill is the shield of bone projecting backward from the head, according to KDVR. This is an amazing find because there are only seven torosaurus skulls around.

This one is the best preserved ever found, according to Joe Sertich, the curator of Dinosaurs at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. And according to KDVR.

It’s the most complete Cretaceous Period fossil discovered in Colorado, officials said.

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