With Coronavirus (COVID-19) positive counts on the rise, Governor Jared Polis announced today that many Colorado counties will soon be moving into the highest risk status known as the 'Red Phase.'

What does this mean for Colorado? Well, as of this coming Friday, November 20th, between 10 and 15 counties in the state will be affected by moving into the new, highest level on the Coronavirus dial in a couple of ways.

Polis Announces Colorado Counties Moving Into 'Red Phase'
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

First, these 10 to 15 counties will not be allowed to have indoor dining at restaurants, a decision that will likely be detrimental to small mom and pop establishments as well as chain restaurants.

In addition, moving into the 'Red Phase' will reduce capacity at gyms to an even lower 10%.

Governor Polis spoke this afternoon about the decision to place these 10 to 15 counties into the new phase:

This is the riskiest time for the virus everywhere in Colorado that we have had from the very start. We must act now to save lives. We must act now to avoid a shutdown or lockdown.

It's unclear as to which counties will be affected by the new, restrictive phase but state officials are currently working with county officials to determine the list of areas to be placed under the new restrictions, and plan to come up with a finalized plan in the next few days.

However, it would appear that the Denver metro area will be moving into the new phase, as mayor Michael Hancock was in attendance at the hearing and noted, referring to Denver that, "We expect to be there."


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